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Observability for API usage of your OpenAI projects

Monitor your consumption and performance of your OpenAI based or other GPT applications to optimse costs and performance

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Say hello to monitoring built for Generative AI applications

Elfgrid is a comprehensive platform to help you track your OpenAI and other AI application requests to monitor usage and optimise costs.

  • Forever free
  • 30 seconds to setup
  • Comprehensive features
  • Secure by design
  • Powerful analytics

Reduce costs and Optimise performance of your OpenAI applications

All the features you need without the price tag

Forever free

Free to use for 100k requests each month

Track Request Volume

Connect as many domains as you want no matter what plan you are on.

Track Model usage

Track usage of your APIs based on models

Caching and Rate limiting

Use inbuilt caching and rate limiting of requests to optimise costs

Team Collaboration

Invite your team members with custom roles to manage your APIs.

User based analytics

Get detailed metrics per application user to gauge impact on API usage and costs.

Simple, transparent pricing

Free forerver and Pay as you go plans for orgs of all sizes

Billed Monthly
Billed Annually
100,000 Requests
  • Request tracking
  • Cost tracking
  • User analytics
  • Model analytics
  • Self serve support
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Pay as you go
Per 100,000 requests
All features of Free plus:
  • Caching
  • Rate limiting
  • Custom tagging
  • Team management (coming soon)
  • Email and chat support
For businesses with custom needs
All features of Free plus:
  • Volume pricing
  • Ultra low latency
  • Unlimited data retention
  • On-premise installation
  • Priority support
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Frequently asked questions

  • How does Elfgrid work?

    With a one line change in your existing code, Elfgrid proxies your requests to OpenAI to intrument your requests and capture metrics.

  • Will it slowdown my requests?

    Elfgrid is built using high performance proxies running on edge networks and thus only has a very minimal overhead on the requests.

  • What APIs doest it support?

    Elfgrid supports all OpenAI APIs. We will be releasing support for more APIs over the next few quarters.

  • Are you secure?

    Elfgrid does not store any API secrets and proxies requests via highly secure Cloudflare and AWS networks

  • What analytics do I get?

    Elfgrid provides deailed analytics around cost and performance of your requests along with user and model analytics

Ready to optimise costs and performance of your generative AI applications?

  • Free 100,000 requests/mo
  • Usage insights
  • Cost optimsations